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� The clean versio

Truth or Dare

Amanda Green� and her friends were playing Truth or dare until Michael di Angelo came

Michael:Hi,Amanda's friends (Originally "Hi,Girls" But it might be inapropriate)

Then Amanda walked up to Michael and asked him if he wanted to watch barney

Michael: O.o

Amanda:Well,Do you?

Michael:Uhhhh...H-how old are you?


Michael:I think you're a little old to be watching barney.

Amanda:So?...Anyone can watch barney,Including me.

Then Clarisse comes up to them laughing

Clarisse:Hahahaha! I caught you admitting you watch Barney

Then the Club (Originally "Group" But could also be innapropriate) Chased Clarisse around camp Half-Blood all afternoon

The End

(P.S. Sparrow if you're reading,i would like to say "Sorry" again)

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