I FINALLY STARTED IT! YAY FOR ME! HA, not really. I think I may need to start this in a while but if not, it will be amazing and nice and long. This is the fan fic for Mira Grace, daughter of Thalia and Annabeth. She has a pretty 'normal' life if you can count being the daughter of two women normal. (No offence to homosexual or bisexuals.) TATN / Thalia! 01:28, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

School had just gotten out. Thank the gods. School was always so tedious and boring. And a bit repetitive.

I walked home, black shoes slipping in and out of my vision as they disappeared behind me. Then they came back.

Keep your head down. I thought again to myself as I heard a crowd of cawing girls behind me.

It was summer time. They were dressed in spaghetti straps, short-shorts, and flip-flops.

And we were only in freaking middle school! Ugh sixth grade sucked.

I just kept my head down and walked home, home to my parents.

I'm not like most girls. Most girls have a dad and a mum. They may be divorced, but hey, it works.

I never really told any one, but I have two mums.


I had to tell myself that every time I saw them together in public. But whatever, it's like biracial couples. You don't often see them but when you do it's kind of sweet.

"Hey mum!" I called as I walked in, tossing my backpack aside and heading to my room.

"Mira, Nissa called." Mum called. Yeah, it gets really confusing. I'll just call them by their first names to avoid confusion for my readers.

Whoever decides to read this book I'm writing on my life.

The mum who'd told me was Annabeth. It's so weird calling a parent by their first name.

"Okay, mum!" I called, reaching for my cell.

Nissa was my friend. She'd not been at school today. I guess she'd been sick or something.

"Hey, Nis." I answered, leaning back on my pillows. "Where were you today?"

Nis was a daughter of Poseidon and the same age as me. Twelve.

"Sorry, Mira. I was called to an emergency counsellor thing." Nissa yawned. She'd obviously been woken early.

"S'okay. What was the meeting about?"

"I-I'm not allowed to tell you."

I chuckled. Counsellors are never allowed to tell anything without permission. It was one of those things that everyone had to obey. Even if you were the younger sibling.

To Be Continued.... (A/N:: Sorry, I just had a really great idea.)

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