Uehara Fuuka
Son of Boreas
The Icy Descendant
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 2 March 2279
Current age 20
Gender Male
Family Boreas - Father

Unknown mother

Khione - Grandmother

Status Alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color white
Height 6'9
Alias Sub-Zero
Affiliation Demigod
Weapons Mace Ravager
Species Demigod
Home The Godslingers
Appearances The Godslingers 300
Quests To be given

Uehara Fuuka is the son of Boreas, and is the descendant of Shirato Fuuka. Unlike her, he is actually a hero.


Uehara, unlike his father, is caring towards his friends and helps them a lot.


Uehara has a white hair and blue eyes. People might feel the cold or the cool when they walk near him.


  • He can conjure ball of ice and use it as a weapon.
  • He is able to summon icy storms that is -140 degrees celsius.

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