Ultimate Experience Studios is a subdivsiosn of PJOFFW's video-game making company. It produced the Questers trilogy and is developing a THO spin off.


The Questers Trilogy

The Questers: Doom

The Quester's trip to abandoned Circe's isle reveals it is not as abandoned as the gods thought . . .

The Questers: Unleashed

The Questers must relive their origins as they are attacked full force from all sides.

The Questers: Falling- Unreleased

The Questers finally face the creator of their strongest enemy- and the following struggle will resound on this wiki for years!

Other Projects

THO Spin off

UES is currently developing a THO spin off.

Torches Spin Off

If all goes well, UEs may produce a Torch game.

Questers Return

UES has expressed interest in reviving the Questers with a time-traveling arc.

(Feedback is appreciated)

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