Unities: Myths Brought Together is part three of DarkCyberWolf's Ouroboros Merge Series. It is preceded by Heroes: The New Level and Evils: The Other Four. Brace yourselves.

The Story So Far...

Eight New Level heroes - heroes with power from eight different pantheons - have been found. Tara, daughter of Hades, Raymond, son of Apollo, Eddie, son of Athena, and Natalie, daughter of Zeus have found one another and defeated the evil Aztec god Xolotl in his temple at Tenochtitlan. Meanwhile, Sabina, daughter of Aphrodite, Gary of Something, son of Mania, Taylor, son of Ares, and Hailley, daughter of Demeter, rescued a group of kappas in the Norwegian Sea. But in order to defeat the Ouroboros and its Merge, the eight heroes will have to unite...


Main Characters

Sabina Hartlen

Tara Young

Raymond Tarry

Eddie Jaden

Natalie Rain

Gary Drake

Taylor Reaf

Hailley Woode

Lan Castle




Prologue: Lan. The New Prophecy

Chapter One: Eddie. All Smoke Leads To Rome

Chapter Two: Gary. The Universe's Liver Can't Find A Campsite

Chapter Three: Tara. The Tlaloc Reps Repeat Their Spell

Chapter Four: Sabina. We Try To Get To Some Junk

Chapter Five: Natalie. We Get Attacked In A Polygon

Chapter Six: Taylor. There's Nothing To Fear But Fear Of Snakes

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