Valdis Grace Holl is the 15 year old demigod daughter of Hades. She appears in The Other Demigodsand Life as Gaea Returns both are by LemonLemma on Fanfiction.Net



Valdis Holl
Alias: none
Godly parent Hades
age 15
hair dark
eyes grey
Powers: shadow traveling,talking to the dead, summoning the dead
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Hades, Camp Half-blood
Location: Camp Half-Blood


Valdis grew up with Her mother,step father, step siblings and grandmother. Her step siblings were not the nicests at times but life was okay for Valdis until monsters started to attack her family. At the age of 12 she decided she didn't want to take it anymore so she ranaway. She was then found by a son of Hephaetus by the name of Brock Turner. She and Brock quickly became friends. However he was sent on a quest and he never came back. She was claimed the night he died. She then wandered off from camp. Staying for a few days and then leaving and coming back again.


Valdis was describe to be a quiet girl until messed with where she would be mean, dangerous and sarcastic. She was always a lone wolf not really making any friends until the quest(in the other demigods). She was also proved as a very stubborn girl who didn't trust many people but showed she was very idependent as well.


Valdis is described as to have long black hair and dark grey almost black eyes that seemed to say she would take nothing from anyone. She was also said to have pale skin and be short but skinny. She was said to wear nothing but black and grey.


She was given a Stygian Iron sword from her father. When not in use it turned into a black ring that she wore all the time She is also able to shadow travel and raise undead armies.

Valdis ring that turns into her stygian iron sword.


  • Both of her step siblings are older than her.
  • Her mother is named Grace and she is a 8th grade teacher
  • She like coke
  • Valdis has a terrible aim with a bow
  • She said that the only member of her family that she likes is her grandmother


"Okay, I lived with my mom, Grandmother, Step Father and step siblings then I came to camp the end." -telling her friends about her past

"You'll be scared if you don't stop."

"It feels as's calling me."

"Fine but he does anything to mess this up I'm going to slit his throat."

"Get you hand off me before I cut it off."

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