Vanessa Wilson is the demigod daughter of Demeter.

Vanessa Wilson
Daughter of Demeter
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 1
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Demeter-Mom

Gerry Wilson-Dad

Alexa Morrison-Dad's Fiance

A.J. Morrison-Step Sis\Bff

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black with various colors.
Height 5'3
Alias Nessie,V
Affiliation .
Weapons Dagger
Species Demigod,Human
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None


Vanessa Rae Wilson was born May 1, 1998. To the goddess Demeter and Gerry Wilson. For her first year though Vanessa does not remember was spent on Mt. Olympus with her mother. The other gods adored her, but she had to go back because demigods we're to be raised by the mortal parent. When Vanessa was 11 her dad met A girl named Alexa a couple years later they we're engaged. And Vanessa had a step-sister to be named April Jane.. After they became close Vanessa gave her the nickname A.j. A monster attack on the family led A.j and Vanessa to head to Camp Half-Blood.

Camp Half-Blood

After arriving Vanessa and A.j became close looking out for one another being in a new unknown place. But made best friends with Kaitlyn Lee and Keyona Massey


Vanessa has light skin comaing from her mixed heritige, she has long black curly hair. Her highlights change to various colors every few weeks. She has brown eyes, she appears shy but a very outgoing person.


Vanessa may come off shy at first, but then you see she's friendly, funny, outgoing just a loving person not many people hate her. But she does have a horrible bad side if you harm those she loves.

Weapons & Abilitys

Vanessa does'nt like fighting but will if she has too, she has a Dagger she never leaves her cabin without it. She has the basic abiThey can communicate with plants, in a way that is mostly random needs. They can control the plants, and spur them to grow and fight their battles. The children of Demeter can grow plants in the strangest of places, but the plants will die once they are away. They create the sweetest of fruit, and can enchant the fruit they grow. With pheromones the Demigods can make their fruit do different things like: Making healing go faster, inspire battle rage, curse one with lust. Vanessa can do this and more. She more control over vines then anything.

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