Victoria Frazier
Victoria Frazier
Daughter of Palici
Geyser Head
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth March 29, 1994
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Palici - Father

Unknown Mother

Status Alive
Eye Color Clear, Misty
Hair Color Ginger
Height 5"7
Alias Geyser Head
Affiliation Titans
Weapons Bow and Arrows
Species Demigod
Home Mount Orthrys
Appearances The Other Side of Power
Quests None


Victoria has fiery red hair, misty grey eyes, and is of average height. She has slightly tanned skin and is a runner.


She is a real hot head. The really sums up her personality, as most of the time she is getting an ulcer from yelling at Tony. She rarely shows her soft side, and is usually fierce and brutal.


Since her father is one of the two gods of geysers, she has control over steamy fumes. She can create powerful blasts of insanely hot air and emit geysers out of the ground.


Victoria has no memory of her life until she was 14 years old, when she was found at Yellowstone. She was raised by foster families in Wyoming until she was moved to Montana with an old couple. At her school, she met a satyr who tried to take her to camp. When she was claimed on the way there by Palici, and the satyr told her she wouldn't have a cabin, she was outraged. By then, the satyr had already led her to Long Island. She ran to where her heart led her, which was in New York. The war was still waging, and Victoria fought for the Titans. After they fell, she and a couple other demigods (including Tony) went to Mount Orthrys and formed the Black Phoenix.



OC Clubs



Anthony Cervantes: Good - Although on the outside it seems like she hates him, Victoria actually thinks of him as a good friend.


The Olympians: Bad - She hates the fact that they ignore the minor gods and only hold a place for their own children. Even after she found out about their oath, she was still angry that they did it unwillingly.

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