Violet 14

Violet Green aka Nightmare. human form

Name: Violet Green

Nickname: Nightmare (when shes a Hell hound.)

Olympian Parent: Hades

Age: 18

Height: 5'9 (When she's human)


Shes very aggressive and quick to anger. Even so she's still smart and gives good advice when the group needs it.


Human- She has long black hair and green eyes. Her outfit varies, but she'll wear mostly outfits that have purple and/or black. She almost always wears her mother's silver earrings.

Hell hound- She's covered in black fur and resembles a wolf when she's not fighting. Her left eye is red and her right is green.


She grew up in England with her mom. After her mom died from cancer, Violet went to America to find her father only to be captured by soldiers.

Scientists were experimenting with mutating half-bloods and monsters. Violet was volunteered to be mutated from a normal half-blood into a hell hound half-blood.

The experiment was called Project Nightmare, so Violet calls herself Nightmare until she's cured.

After escaping from the lab, she found Shadow and swore to herself to protect her from the horrible fate of becoming what she has become.

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