"MICHAEL'S DEAD, I'M HERE NOW!" -Viper to Chiron

Weapons and Abilities


  • A katana
  • A knife
  • Two M11A1 Handguns
  • Different color coded grenades
    • Poison grenades- Releases poison in smoke form- green
    • Laughng grenades-Gives out smoke that makes you laugh so hard, you can't breathe and eventually die- brown
    • High Explosive grenades-An extremely powerfull grenades- orange
    • Ice grenades-freezes any life form- light blue
    • Stone Grenades- turns anything into stone- gray
    • Physco grenades-Gives out smoke that makes you go crazy- purple
    • Sound grenade-Releases a really high pictched shriek that makes ears bleed- red
    • Pepper Spray grenades-gives out pepper spray, minimal damage to any part of the body and its fatal if thrown into the eyes- clear
  • Has an arm cannon that comes out of his armor. It shoots out 7.92x57mm cartridges (or "sniper bullets") and energy blasts


  • Invisibility
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Immune to Common illness and diseases
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Mind reading
  • Enhanced speed

Visor or Helmet

His Visor can go up and down, it can access the internet and cable TV.


His armour is actually an exoskeleton, but he tells people "Its just armour" and refuses to take it off. He wears a black raincoat when he has to go out in public, and wears a black bodysuit under his exoskeleton. When he gets hurt, his exoskeleton becomes clearer.


  • The picture is actually Raiden from Metal Gear 4

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