A story about a son of Khione who received amnesia when he was injured. He then turned to the Titans. But, as he searchs for his life history, might that change his fate? ZephyrX9 01:11, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

Prologue: Injuries

Aerrow's POV

I was walking down the alley, wondering what was to come.

My name's Aerrow White, by the way, son of Khione.

Just days ago, I'd received a fateful prophecy:

He who has snow's will

Will have a memory to fill.

Evil shall trick him,

Then his life shall dim.

I had been sent on a quest, waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly, I was smacked into a wall.

I turned to see a Laistrygonian giant holding a club.

I summoned Glacier, my dagger, and dodged when he swung his club.

Unlike most, though, this giant was smart. As I charged him using Glacier, he anticipated it and hit me over the head.

The last thing I heard was, You will make a good ally.

Chapter One: Who Am I?

????'s POV

I awoke in a small room with many beds. There were people running around, plus some people at the foot of my bed.

One was a boy and had blonde hair and ice blue eyes. The other was female and had black hair.

"Who am I?" I asked.

"Aerrow White," he began. "Son of Khione." He then told me about how the Greek gods were real and evil, and how the Titans were good.

"Kay," I said. "But who are you?"

"Name's Luke, and this is Sally. She's Hades' daughter," he replied, and the girl waved.

I thought she was cute.

For the next few weeks, Sally was my guide to this boat. It was called the Princess Andromeda.

I still had trouble controlling my powers. I was also given a dagger named Glacier. It felt good in my hand.

One day, on the 4th of July, I asked Sally out. She complied.

I was thinking about my life before, and she noticed.

She patted my shoulder and said, "It'll be fine. It's just the past. Nothing to fear."

As she touched me, it sent a chill down my spine and showed me a memory.

I was at a place with a bunch of cabins. A red-headed girl was acting all weird and saying something I didn't catch.

Then I came back to reality. Sally was looking at me funnily.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," she said.

Later, I saw her talking to Luke.

I had a feeling something bad was to happen.

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