&nbsp What if Gabe had lived? What if?

The Sea of Monsters

He made Percy stop being with Tyson. When the canibols attacked, Tyson helped but didn't go with Percy to camp. When they go on the quest, only Annabeth comes. The hydra never apears, so they don't meet with Clarisse, and when they get to the Sea of Monsters, Clarisse dies. Percy uses their escape ship and they go to the Sea of Monsters, but the boat crashes because of Charybdis. Percy and Annabeth sink, but Percy uses his powers to save them. They can't get to Grover in time and he dies. :( But Grover had deleted the empethy link so Percy still lived. The golden fleece was never gotten, so Thalia's tree died, with her chances of coming back.

Titan's Curse

Another satyr is sent to where Bianca and Nico are and send for Percy and Annabeth. They try to get to them but the Manticore stops them. The hunters come and and as the other story, falls off a cliff with Annabeth. Apollo comes and drives, because of course Thalia is dead. They get to camp and Percy meets Bessy, they go on a quest and the story goes normal. When they get to the place where Grover and Zoe felt Pan's presence, only Zoe felt it becuase Grover died. The story is normal again until they get to California. Bessie is captured because no one could take him to camp. The enemys sacrafice him and over take the gods, making everyone die.

So, we need to thank Sally for killing Gabe... or, well, Medusa.... because, the prophecy never came true...

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