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"Wh-who are you?" "And...who am I?"

"I'm Luke, And you're my best friend Percy. We are servants of Kronos.Our goal is to destroy our god parents who hate us. You are the son of Poseiden."

"When do I get to take action!"

"Now, Kronos wants me, you, and a few other half-bloods to invade Camp Half-Blood."

"Hey, seweed Brain," "WAKE UP!"

"Percy, I'm Annabeth! Me and Grover were your best freinds since we were twelve and you loved your dad and he loved you back and Nico and Thalia took you to the Underworld and you fell in the River Lethe and you lost all your memory and Luke lied to you!"

"I don't know you. You're a liar!"

"Think about everthing, and think on it hard. Even if you did forget me, I won't you. You'll always be my best freind, however Luke twists your brain. You're still the greatest hero I ever met. Remember that, Percy."

Should, [ I ] listen to my dreams and Annabeth and let my mind remember what it seemed to want, what my heart seemed to want, or should i follow, luke, Kronos, my sense of loyalty, and what my conscience said?

I needed to know the answer.

Chapter One

Percy's POV

I followed Luke as we made our way to our second attack on Camp Half-Blood.

but when he wasn't looking, I slipped into the bushes, watching the rest of our army march past.

"i need to know what to do." I whispered.

Nico's POV

annabeth hadn't spoken to anyone in a week. I was worried about her.

I made my way down to the Athena cabin and knocked.

"Come in," A surly voice muttered. I stepped in and found Annabeth laying in her bunk, her eyes wet from crying. the wall was covered with pictures of Percy, Monuements, and Percy. she was wearing jeans and the Wise Girl T-shirt Percy had given her for her birthday. It had a picture of an owl perched on a branch with annabeth's face.

"Hey," i said softly.

"Hi,' she said hollowly.

I sat at the foot of her bed.

"Your not going to do him any good laying there all day." i told her.

"i'm not getting up." She said.

"Look," I said, "I need you."

"For what," She said.

"I'm developing a plan to rescue Percy," I said.

Just as I anticipated Annabeth sat up, "What?"

"Yes," I said, "but you can only help if you rejoin camp."

Annabeth slowly nodded. "okay,"

I left her and she started brushing her hair.

Chapter Two

Percy's POV

To decide I decided to let go halfway, and visit a site, I both knew, and didn't know.

I had no memory of visiting it but i knew i had been there before.

I walked slowly into Aunty Ems Garden Emporium .

It seemed abandoned but I knew It was the place.

i stepped in and stared at a stone satyr.

Grovers uncle a part of me said that confused me even more; WHO THE HECK WAS GROVER?

I willed myself to remember more about this Grover. Then one word came in response.


Okay. That sure helped. But I knew that was all I could learn from here. next stop: Lotus Casino.

Luke's POV

ARRRRRRRGHHH! Where was that damned Percy? He didn't rejoin Olympus, I knew that much.

The plan would never work without him.

I also didn't understand, last night, Percy had seem almost . . . normal. His normal insufferable self. that didn't make sense.

Annabeth's POV

"Annabeth," Nico hissed. "Over here."

I looked around and dove into the Hades Cabin. "Yeah?"

"Here," Nico said, opening his palm.

Inside was a ballpoint pen with the word Anaklumous printed on the side.

"Riptide," I breathed.

"I found it on the shores of the Lethe," Nico said.

All of a sudden a battle cry echoed through the camp.

"For Kronos!"

I ran outside with Nico at my heels as Luke attacked.

I scanned the crowd for Percy, but he was a no-show.

"He's not here," Nico echoed my thoughts.

Grover ran across the camp all of a sudden, stopping at Nico and Me.

"Good news," He gasped, "I've tracked down Percy."

Chapter Three

Percy's POV

I ran into the Casino. I had jumped into a wave and willed it to carry me there so I got there fast.

As soon as I came in, someone gave me a keycard and I went to get some rest.

I laid down on my bed and imediatedly fell asleep.

I was watching a scene in the Camp Half-Blood Amphitheater. people were crowding around a boy,

then Annabeth pushed through.

"WHERE WERE YOU!" She yelled and hugged the boy, Who looked pained.

"I-We thought you were dead Seaweed Brain!" annabeth continued.

Then a Centaur stepped up."lets discuss this in the big house." He said and I woke up.

Then I stepped downstairs and explored the games. All of a sudden i heard a, "Hey!"

I turned towards a SimsCity game whereThe boy from my dreams and annabeth were fighting.

I looked around. No one else seemed to notice them.

The boy forced her to look him in the eyes and he said, "Spiders, large hairy spiders."

her response was. "Oh my gods. How long-" Before it could finish I heard someone yell, "PERCY!"

And the vision dissolved. I whirled around.

Standing in the doorway was annabeth, an olive skinned boy with black hair, and a nervous satyr.

Because I still wasn't sure who to trust, I took out the sword Luke gave me- He called it BackBiter- and swung it at them.

Nico's POV

Annabeth and Grover ducked while I met his blade with my blade. I managed to graze his arm but Percy's next strike went to my thigh and I fell.

"Ouch!" I yelled.

Annabeth stepped forward and uncapped Riptide.

Shing! Shing! Riptide and Backbiter met twice then Annabeth pierced his arm. She was crying and she yelled, "Percy! STOP!"

Percy was like a demon, he met her every strike and managed to stab Annabeth in the chest.

She groaned but kept fighting. All of a sudden, Annabeth fell to the ground. Luke mateirialized, holding her invisibility cap and a knife.

"Come on Percy," Luke said and led him away. percy gave Grover and I hateful looks but his gaze softened on Annabeth.

Then Luke and Percy drove off.

Chapter Four

Luke's POV

Percy seemed unusually quiet on the ride back to HQ.

"Hey, anything wrong?" I said.

Percy looked up and explained about his dreams.

He must have seen my face because he said, "Do they mean anything?"

"Nothing," i said in a final descision voice.

"Nothing?" exploded Percy. "WHO THE HECK IS THAT BOY? He gives me a strange feeling."

"He's nothing," I said calmly. "At least, nothing anymore."

To be continued in its sequel, What If Percy's World Was Confused?.

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