Percy's POV

"What happened?" I muttered.

I stood up, to find myself at an empty riverbank. I was groggy and weak... and clueless.

I touched my neck, and I pulled out a necklace that I wore. It looked special, full of beads that seeme to mean something. What was I saying? Was I mad?

I started walking around, then eventually, I got lost. Now, I found myself in a forest, with a bunch of creepy giggling girls muttering something about me. I felt weird, but at the same time popular.

Soon, I tripped on a branch.

"Ow," I muttered, rubbing my head.

I stood up and kept on walking. I felt like I was missing something.


"What?" I said, hitting my head. "Who's Annabeth?"

I finally found a city. I walked around it, looking like a hobo. I was just stupid.

As I walked, I bumped into a girl.

"Percy Jackson," She said. "Good to see you again."

I'd hate to admit it, but she was pretty. She had ice blue eyes and dark brown hair with blonde streaks. She had freckles, and I found them cute.

"Um, hi?" I said.

She rolled her eyes. "Remember me, Jackson? I'm the one you stabbed in the war, remember?"

"Um, no." I said, again. "Look, I don't actually remember-"

"Stop acting stupid, Jackson." She growled. "Fight me!"

"Jamie!" Someone from behind called. "He doesn't know who he is."

Jamie walked backward to let someone forward enter. He had sandy blonde hair and ice blue eyes. He had a csar run accross his face.

"Hey, Perce!" He smiled. "Remember me?"

I shook mey head.

"I'm Luke, your best friend. And Jamie here is our friend." He said. "You're Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. You hate your dad. You're one of us."

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