So screw it. I'm restarting it. Again. This has all happened for real, and a lot of it is true. Names, people, school, place, yahdayahdayahda... Except the teacher has been renamed

Chapter One

Muttering to herself, Thalia walked to school. Her pace was fast, as normal. She had her hand tucked in her Graduation Sweater pockets, hiding away the embarrassing past to her left hand. She blinked a few times against the morning light, pushing a strand of hair away from her glasses. Instead of doing as most people did and listening to an iPod on their way to school, Thalia listened to the clack of her shoes.

Thalia arrived at school, being bombarded with a thousand 'what happeneds about her hand. She explained for the umpteenth time to her friends that her conflict with the door and her hand had caused her to get a sprained palm. Her parents had forced her to wear a Tenser bandage around her hand for the time being, causing less pain for her and avoiding a worse injury.

"Thalia, can I tell you something really important, you can't tell anyone else." Jocelyn, one of Thalia's classmates and friends, pulled her aside from the others.

"Yeah sure, what is it Joce?" Thalia replied, running her hand through her hair.

The brunette explained about her hamster, and her method of putting it down, in great detail. Thalia comforted her friend and joined her other friends.


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