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William Jonathon Hamilton White (Born November 9, 1993) is a demigod son of Hades. He is Nephilim.


William is has a similar personality to his sister's. He is sarcastic. He is independent. He likes to be called Will. He blames mostly everything on his sister.

Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams

His and his sister's story.

Known Family

  • Hades, father
  • Abigail White, mother
  • Victoria White, twin sister
  • James White, grandfather
  • Maryse White, grandmother
  • Nico di Angelo, half-brother
  • Bianca di Angelo, deceased half-sister
  • Percy Jackson, cousin
  • Thalia Grace, cousin
  • all children of Hades, half-siblings
  • all children of Zeus and Poseidon, cousins


  • He's killed more demons then his sister.
  • His favourite rune is the rune of Fearlessness. (the one that looks like an eye)

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