Willow Grace Armagedin (born April 17, 1994) is a currently unclaimed demigod.

New Thief.

Willow appears in the end of chapter two, pissed off about her stuff being stolen.


Often, Willow likes to change her style. For one month she can be Gothic, for another two she can be a girly girl. Her hair is strawberry blonde and she has green eyes. Her skin is normal tanned. She likes to wear colourful clothing, presently.


No one really knows Willow. They haven't gotten close enough to her. She is fairly kind but can over-react a lot. She likes the colour green.

Known Family.

  • Bruce Armagedin (Father).
  • Unknown Olympian Goddess (Mother).


  • Thinkaboutthisname loves Willow a lot as an OC.

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