World In Chaos is a collab by Jack Firesword, Mcleo1 and Luke 12346. It was inspired by an RP that we did (Original idea by JackFirsword).


We do not own the characters in the Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus Series, they solely belong to Rick Riordan. The setting and scenes unknown to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series are ours, all materials, events and weapons that is not in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series are ours.


Typhon has escaped from Tartarus and overthrown the gods. He has chained them in the bottom most pits of the firey chasm. His first move afer overthrowing the gods and claiming their terriotorys was to destroy camp half blood and camp Jupiter. A group of three demigods were on the a beach when Typhon struck. They returned to find the world in in Chaos. Now only they can destroy Typhons wrath and save the gods. The only problem is that he seems to absorb the powers of every enemy he defeats. But it is not just the Olympians he has defeated but every deity existing...



Jack Smith;

Eliza Horton;

Shimaru Robson;






Chapter one: Surfing with monsters - Jack

Chapter two: ???? - Luke

Chapter three: ???? - Ella

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