Xerxes (Zer-zees) Alkaios Demos (born June 4, 2010) is a demigod son of Zeus.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales

In the story, he is seen expressing romantic feelings for Vianna.

Lost Out In The Rain.

He and Vianna are engaged in this story.


Xerxes was born not long after the oath of the Big Three was diminished. Zeus found a woman in Greece, Diona Demos, and sired Xerxes. Diona is mentioned to be very sweet and gentle. She apparently loved Xerxes until the day she went away. Really, the Titans had tried to recruit her by somehow washing her with water from the River Lethe and making her forget everything. They then told her that Xerxes was an evil boy, trying to kill her and her sick brother. Xerxes ran away and somehow ended up in New York. He probably got his father to help him, or Zeus helped indirectly.


Unlike his half-sister, Thalia, Xerxes had vivid green eyes instead of electric blue. His hair is usually spiky. It is an odd colour for someone who carries more of his mother's looks; brown with gold streaks. He has fair skin. He usually wears longer, more covering clothing because of the scars he has from his mother. He likes to wear black clothing because if you get bloody and dirty, it doesn't look as bad. He is usually seen wearing black jeans with a chain, a leather jacket with a red t-shirt underneath and combat boots. Sometimes he wears leather gloves so people don't see the scars on his hands.


Xerxes can be like his mother a lot. Kind and gentle, and very sweet. But he is also a lot like his father in that he can be a hopeless romantic. Sometimes, he can be very irate, stubborn, and almost bratty. He usually gets over his mood swings pretty quickly and gets back to being kind.

Known Family.

  • Zeus, Father.
  • Diona Demos, Mother.
  • Thalia Grace, Half-sister.
  • Alexio Demos, Uncle.
  • Any children of Zeus, half-siblings.


  • Xerxes is a mixture of two characters, Bia Romano and Luke Castellan. Bia Romano was an old OC of Thinkaboutthisname.
  • Xerxes name means ruler over heroes. His mother's name means flower of the gods.

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