Zachery Stanton is an unclaimed demigod. He is also X Yman's SI. He will lead the Protogenoi Claiming in WC.

Zach Stanton
Zachery Stanton
Championing Instructor
Champion of Chronos
Leader of Demi-Protogenoi
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth August 8, 2000
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Elvis Gordon(step-father)
Michelle Stanton
Godly Father
Chronos (godly acting father)
Athena (step-grandmother)
Hephaestus (maternal grandfather)
Morpheus (great-grandfather)
Victoria (Nike Roman form) (great-great grandmother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue/Green in left, Brown/Black in right
Hair Color Jet Black with streaks of Gray and Brown
Height 5' 7"
Alias TimeChamp
Affiliation Olympus, Protogenoi, Hydros, Chronos, Camp Half-Blood, Champions of Apollo, Camp Demititan, The Hydrochronos
Weapons The Sword of Time/Chronoblade (Celestial Bronze/Stygian Ice/Imperial Gold Sword)
Species Unknown, demigod or demititan; definitely a legacy
Home Cabin 7 at Montauk Beach
Camp Half-Blood, Chronos Cabin (different wing of cabins)
Appearances Water Champion
The Prince of Time
Quests Quest for Hydros
Quest to Free Atalanta
Quest to Fix Time
Quest to Elysium


Zachery was born to his mother, whose name is unkown, on August 8, 2000. She got married to Elvis Gordon after he was born. On 9/11, she was at work at World Trade Center and the she died in the attacks. Zachery was left to his stepfather, who was kind to him. He was a sad boy, even though his father was nice. He was a regular intelluctual in school. He started college at age fifteen. In high school, he took chronology, and Chronos began secretly patronizing him. On his first day, he was attacked by a hellhound. This was when he got his sword. He killed the beast. After this, his smell got extremely stronger. After this, he was found by Rob Barker, a satyr. When he got to camp, Chronos came and said he was going to be his champion: The Prince of Time.


Zach (by age 17) is 5 foot 7. He has blue/green eyes in the left (the two sides are split), and brown/black (black with hints of brown) in the right. His hair is black. Pure black. Almost blacker than space. Just look at it.


He is a loner type of guy. It is unknown if this is from his godly parent. or because of his mother, or even both. But he's tough. He went through a lot of bullying and whatnot. But with his limited friends, he's a nice guy.

Fatal Flaw

His fatal flaw is hubris and loyalty.


  • He can slow down time.
  • He can go forwards and see the outcome of things. However, he cannot change them.
  • He can go back in time.
  • He can see someone's past by touching them.
  • He can restore memories, as memories are related to time. (EX- Someone's lifetime)
  • He can construct walls of force in front of him to protect himself. (This is his real godly father.)
  • He is favored by some of the Protogenoi.


His enemy is all bad people. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gaia
  • Her army.
  • Tartarus
  • His army.
  • Kronos
  • His army.
  • Evelyn Watson


The Future

Hydros Championing

Chronos Championing

The Prince of Time

Notes and Stuff

For all those people out there, even though he is a legacy, no powers are inherited. Thusly, only Chronos powers are in his possession, as well as fewer than five powers from his real father. Since he does not know him, these powers are unexplored.

Family Tree

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