The Emperor of Darkness.
Guardian of Tartarus & God of Monsters
God of the Dead & God of Wealth
Titan Lord of the Underworld
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown, thousands of years ago
Current age N/A, Immortal
Gender Male
Family Hades (father)

Persephone (mother)
Zeus (father in some legends)
Pegasus (eventual consort)
Macaria & Melinoe (sisters)
Adolf Hitler, Grigori Rasputin, Hazel Levesque, Nico di Angelo & Bianca di Angelo (half-siblings)

Status Alive; Immortal
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'11" (1.80)
Alias God of Tartarus

Jailer of Tartarus
Prince of the Underworld
King of the Underworld (following Last Olympian)

Affiliation Titans
Weapons Aichmalótizó Basanos (Sword, symbol of power)

Stygian Iron Armour

Species God (adopted Titan)
Home Underworld
Appearances Thirteenth Titan series
  • Lightning Thief (cameo)
  • Titan's Curse (mentioned)
  • Battle of the Labyrinth (first appearance)
  • Demi-God Files
  • Last Olympian
Quests Second Titanomachy

Zagreus was the son of Hades and Persephone whom carried the Curse of Tartarus - he was cursed to be the only person capable of entering Tartarus and reporting back on the inmates Status, the Curse was a blessing in a sense that it made Zagreus incredibly powerful and a match for one of the Big Three had he himself owned a Symbol of Power, Zagreus is revealed to be the General of Hades' army and his revealing of Hades favouring the Di Angelo siblings over Zagreus and his siblings causes him to align with his sisters against the Olympians.

Zagreus has done a number of things to rebel against Hades and the Olympian far more apparently than his sisters, Zagreus was the one whom helped Luke steal the Helm of Darkness and the one that helped a majority of the pieces of Kronos come out of Tartarus by creating a shadow-travel link between Tartarus and Kronos' Sarcophagus, Zagreus finally rebels against Hades upon gaining a Symbol of Power for himself and having the amnesiac Iapetus take over for Cerberus as he took his three-headed pet as his steed.

Zagreus apparently, like most minor Gods, is a perfect translation between Greek and Roman myths alongside: Apollo, Aphrodite/Venus (her nature doesn't even minorly change) Macaria, Melinoe, the Titans (their nature has only minor changes) and many minor Gods.

Abilities Edit

Battle prowess: Zagreus was an extremely experienced and skilled warrior. He can easly overpowerd Near all monsters and some Olypians.

Necromancy: As son of Hades he has this powers.

  • Can touch ghosts
  • Can destroy skeleton warriors
  • Can summon skeleton warriors
  • Can feel when people is die

Infernal monster lordship: As god of monsters he has control of all monsters.

Massive strengt: As guardian of Tartarus he has super streng even for a god.

Umbrakinses: As guardian of tartarus and son of hades he has this powers.

  • Can create Shields of darkness that can stop Zeus's Master bolt.
  • Can make for example spears & swords
  • Can shoot solid bolts of darkness that, and surround enemys with lightless space
  • Can absorp and dissapoint shadows
  • Can make himself invisibility to other people
  • Can teleport with shadows (shadow travel)
  • Can heal minor injuries

Dark infernal pyrokinesis: Zagreus has absolute control over black hellfire, which is considerably more destructive than normal flames, as it turns whatever it touches into liquid. He can conjure it and propell it from his hands.

Swordmanship: Zagreus is a really great swordfighter.



  • Like all of Hades' Godly children, there is confliction on if Hades is truly Zagreus' father, sometimes it is believed to Zeus.

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