Zia Johnson
Zia Johnson
Daughter of Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika
Quarter Blood
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth October 5, 2020
Current age 16, (as of The Sound of the Orchid)
Gender Female
Family Jean Johnson, Arthur Musika

Parents Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika deceased

Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Brown
Height Average
Alias None
Affiliation The Questers
Weapons Scar
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances If Only We Had Wings

The Sound of the Orchid

Quests Zia's Destiny

Zia Rebecca Johnson (born October 5, 2020) is a quarter-blood daughter of Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika.


Zia was a triplet born with Jean Johnson and Arthur Musika. She was generally teh most optimistic of the three, yet was surprisingly least affected by her parents death...she has stated that she knows her parents are with her inside. She later joins a new incarnation of Questers.


In Reincarnate, a girl named "Jemma Yuna" appears in the main timeline, hiding out with Natalyia of the Conquerors. It is implied that she is either Zia or her sister.


Zia is kind and studous, but tends to overreact to things. She is the least troubled of her siblings and is pursuing a passionate relationship with her boyfriend.


Calvin Rains

Zia is romantically involved w/ her fellow quester, Calvin Rains.


  • Zia loves dogs
  • Zia's favorite Aunt is Natalie, and she received Natalie's sword, Scar
  • Zia resembled Michael when she was little
  • She has her grandmother's (on her mother's side) hair and her grandmother's (on her father's side) eyes
  • Her godmother, (and later legal guardian) is Natalie Cole


Power of Three:

Zia's Destiny

The Howl of the Hound

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