Tom opened one eye and then two. He stared up, and his eyes pierced every corner of the room, searching. Searching for her.

He spotted her, a meter away from him, staring at the ceiling.

“Eleanor...” He croaked, breaking the silence.

She looked down at him in disbelief.

“Tom!” She said with a happy voice.

He leaned up and scrabbled over to her.

“Are you ok?” Said the son if Thanatos.

“Your asking me that!” She replied.

“Why, yes I am.” He said and then he kissed her.

Her eyes widened in shock. He pulled away.

“Tom...” She muttered.

“Eleanor.” He said boldly, “I love you.” And it was true, he had loved her since all those days ago that had met her.


Tom stood in front of Eleanor.

“No! You can’t go” He turned to Kyle “Please! Don’t let her go” He sobbed.

“I’m sorry Tom! I must go, my family are there! maybe I can save them!” She cried at him, crying almost as much as him.

“Then I’ll go with you!” Tom said, his wings shaking.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t do that Tom, you have responsibilities.” Kyle butted in.

Tom sobbed.

“O-okay then...” He said reluctantly, “But can you give us a moment?” He asked Kyle.

“Sure,” He replied, and then walked off.

As soon as he was out of sight Tom turned to Eleanor and embraced her.

“Please don’t go.” He asked.

“I’m sorry, but I must.”

“I love you...”

“I love you too...”

Then she turned on her heels, and left without another word.

Tom wept.

He found Kyle and they walked off, down the streets.

Flashback end

Before Eleanor could reply, the wardrobe blocking the door flew down, miraculously not hurting anyone but letting in the Zo̱ntanoús Nekroús.

Eleanor rushed to her brother and shook him till he woke and Tom grabbed his handgun.

Kyle woke the others, including some new people who had turned up whist Tom was unconscious.


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