The general look of Zoe's dagger.

Zoe Olivia Larson is the 16 year old demigod daughter of Athena. She appears in The Other Demigods and it's sequel Life as Gaea returns both are by LemonScratchPost on


Zoe grew up with her father, step mother and half brother Markus. Her father was always a busy man never paying much attention to Zoe and when he did have a break he spent it with his son or wife. Whenever Zoe asked about her real mother he dissmissed the subject just saying that she was an intelligent woman but cared more about her work than her family which made Zoe know that he was hiding something. One day she was in her room reading a hellhound and the demigod Daniel Hypro(son of Hermes.) The hellhound tried to attack her but she picked up a board from the window and hit it. Daniel Hypro then got up and killed the hellhound and everything came out about her mother's side of her family. Zoe who was mad at her father left with Daniel to go to camp half blood. Later Daniel was assigned a quest and faked his death. Zoe was convinced he was dead until she saw him in manhattan walking around with Luke. She then reported back to camp telling everyone she saw him and that he was with Luke. A few days later he came back to camp and told everyone he was spying for the camp and had figured out some important info. However Zoe was not convinced and paid no attention to him.


Zoe is said to be like most children of Athena, having curly blonde hair and grey eyes. However she was said to be tall standing at 5'7 and being lean. She is usually caught wearing the camp t shirt or aeropostal things.


Zoe has proved to be sarcastic and hot headed having a big temper. Like most children of Athena she is smart and afriad of spiders but she is also very stubborn. She tends not to like to do work; going to the forest and siting in an apple tree most of the time as well.


  • Zoe was originally going to have dark brown hair but it changed to blonde before the stories started.
  • Daniel Hypro is a possible love interest for Zoe
  • Zoe is not partically fond of Percy Jackson
  • Her weapon is a dagger


  • "Well a product of Hermes bothered me."
  • "Are you kidding me, I'm just going to sitin my apple tree all day and read!"
  • "The nerve of that boy."

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